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Tech Life, Simplified!

Homes and businesses run smoothly when all their technical systems are intergrated properly.  In Control Tek is the one electronic service company on which you can rely to bring everything together.  And our service is unmatched; we provide quick response, listen to your needs and make recommendations that take your budget into consideration. 

Our clients appreciate our quality work and follow up..  Our Oralndo area business has grown thanks to our client's referrals.  Our team is led by Scott Bakeeff, who has been an IT professional for more than 25 years and a Digital Living Professional since 1999.  Have a question?   Need help with getting off cable or Direct TV?  Give a call, no pressure, no hassle..  


Surveillance For Home Or Business
Surveillance For Home Or Business

Just the presence of a security camera can help to prevent crime..  Surveillance technology has advanced where you can monitor your home or business from your phone.. You can view your propery from many angles with a multi camera system for better protection, both inside or outside your home or business.  There are many reasons why you would want a security system.  



Music can create its own environment in your home or office..  You don't have to limit your audio to just one room, we can distribute audio or video throughout; with just one track or create different moods in every room.  Your master bath can be your own private spa while another sound track livens up your outdoor party..  Just give us an idea of what you're dreaming of and we'll make it happen with quality and style.  



Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process

Network security and staying connected are two of the biggest technology concerns.  In Control Tek has the knowledge and experience to help homes and offices intergrate their digital systems.  We run the hard wire if needed or make the wi-fi conenctions work for you. From an Internet based VOIP phone systems to computer systems to creating a wireless bridge between properties, you can rely on us..  There are many reasons why you would want our networking solutions.