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Audio and Video Distribution
Audio and Video Distribution

Home Automation technology today is incredible. In addition to throughout the home audio and video, more families than ever before are using home automation to improve their lives. A well designed automation system can save you money, while making life much simpler; and integrating the audio and video throughout the house makes life more enjoyable and secure.. 

Some of the ways we service Orlando area homeowners and commercial properties include:

  • Setting up a home theater, and installing a whole house audio and video system. 
  • Turning a house into a smart home with the owner capabiity to control their lights, thermostats, garage door, etc remotely. 
  • Wetting up an audio system so someone who loves music can it throughout the house and yard.; setting it up so different tracks or sources can play in different areas. 
  • Setting up a conference room so all the audio and video are tied together efficiently.
  • Multiple televisions hung, for example in Sports Bars, Retail Spaces, Doctor Offices for customer viewing or streaming locally sourced advertisiment or informational videos. 
  • Audio set up for retail locations who require ambient music playing throughout.

One of the services we provide is working with homeowners have a smart house set up and have no idea how to use it. We also consolidate multiple remotes into one remote. and we also mount televisions on the wall.